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 [SWAT4] Champion's League by ex-NSA

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MensagemAssunto: [SWAT4] Champion's League by ex-NSA   Qua Abr 16, 2008 1:07 pm

Hi all!

I invite you to participate at our fun tournament !!!

So the title say what you need know xD

NSA will organize a tournament with 8teams

6VS6 with 1 or 2 subsitutes on VIEW; SPEC is forbidden
We will play ONLY on RD mod....

This tournament will have usual rules in game:

*Don't use any cheat or BUG
*Don't spawnkill
*Camp is allowed
*Don't windowcamp near the spawn area
*45. smg will be disabled.
*You can't switch to the other team even if you havenot ammo, because we don't know if you are hurt, if you need ammo, you must go to do a kamikaze attack

Then for the tournament, each team must choose map, one map will have 2round, each team will play as supect and as swat.

*If you win 4-0 you will have 4points
*If you just win you will have 3points
*If you loose you won't have any points xD
*It there are equality each team will have 1point
*If your opponent teams is not there to do the match you win as a 4-0

[quote=Raumance]If there is a match between team A and team B on 15.1.2008 and team B cannot play this date. Then at latest they need to announce the change of the date 13.1.2008 on the arrangers forum (NSA forum) their own forum (team B`s forum) and the opponents forum (team A`s forum) in order to change the date.[/quote]

For make to succes to pass this first lap you must finish first or second in your grups(probably 2grups)
We don't know yet if there will be a system of back and forth.
But if there are a equality on the grup, we will choose the team who have won against the other team with are on equality.

Thank you to answer on our website:


The tournament is a bit a jubilee for the NSA team!!! Wink

Have fun, see you in game!
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[SWAT4] Champion's League by ex-NSA
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