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 A new era for the NSA

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MensagemAssunto: A new era for the NSA   Qui Mar 20, 2008 7:34 pm

Hi all!

I’ve some news for you!

Today, the NSA team (Noble Swat Alliance) have been amalgamated with the NoobDude Community and became its RD team in Swat4. It means the members use now the <ND> tag !
Why? Because a lot of ND team’s members began to play COD4 and the swat team was desapearing, and many NSA’s members began to play COD4 too, So the NSA clan was doomed...

After some important negotiations, {NSA}Angel , one leader of our team, and some Full NoobDudes have found a solution : The fusion between NSA and ND teams !
All the NSA agreed for the future of the team, the friend team !

Thus, the NSA is nowadays the ND’s team of SWAT 4 in RD mode ! And finally NSA desapeared…
All members of the NSA are now member of the ND community !

If you want to remember what was this great team, please go on the :

.:: HISTORY ::.

Thank you all for our wars, our discussions, the fun we took together !

Since today, don't hesitate to come on our Website and our servers in RD :
=> www.N00BDUDE.com RED
=> www.N00BDUDE.com BLUE

Very soon, we will get some new servers in VIP and BS, we hope to see you Very Happy

Thank you for attention,


The NSA Team

PS: The Champion's league is not cancelled!!!
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A new era for the NSA
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